Customer’s Voice : The dream of trees unfold: reflecting on a garden

As a homeowner, it has been a pleasure to work with Imashi, as we both share the passion for nature, garden and design. He is a talented seeker of form who is blessed with an eye for details and a pride in fine craftsmanship. He is true to his vision yet open to new ideas; evident in the numerous revisions of hand-drawn sketches and hours spent in nurseries and landscape supplies stores.

Rain or shine, as we traversed through snow and mud, the hunt for that perfect basalt boulder or that elusive katsura continued, relentless in his pursuit for beauty and perfection. Imashi eagerly engages in the act of making. His willingness to experiment results in one of a kind works of art.

My bamboo and cedar gates which he delicately charred using the ancient Japanese shou-sugi-ban technique; not only preserved the gates but brought out the beautiful grain and aroma of the prized conifer. My water basin(tsukubai)and bird bath were hand-chiseled from solid basalts.

They are ever popular among my winged friends, who visit in droves and sing praises of their function and form.

In Chinese, the word “family” is comprised of two characters; 家 stands for home, 庭 stands for garden. As testament to his craft, my family is complete. My sincere gratitude to Imashi; a true artist and a friend.

A home owner and avid gardener
Alexander Lu

December 1, 2017
Imashi Garden Inc.
At one with nature... Learn the changes of the season firsthand and discover the essence of daily growth and change.
Unearth inspiration and exhilaration in each day as it passes.
Perhaps this is what we miss from our daily lives—a lavish amount of time spent at one with nature.

The answer lies in the garden.